How to store extra
virgin olive oil?

Far from light, heat and odours.

Avoid sudden changes in temperature.

Close the cap carefully after any use.

Find out who belongs to


ANIERAC, the Spanish National Association of Edible Oil Bottlers and Refiners, is currently made up of 62 member companies engaged in refining and bottling edible oils in the domestic market.


ASOLIVA, the Spanish Olive Oil & Pomace Olive Oil Exporters Association, is a non-profit private entity created in September 1977, although it has existed with different names since 1928.
The association is currently formed by 50 olive oil exporting companies from several Spanish provinces, mainly in Andalusia and Catalonia, whose sales outside Spain represent more than 95% of national exports of bottled oil and between 50 and 75% of exports in bulk, depending on the harvests.


Assitol, the Italian Association of edible Oil Industry, represents and protects at National, European and International level industrial companies operating in the production and processing of oils, fats and derived products for different uses.

Casa do Azeite

Casa do Azeite, the Portuguese Olive Oil Association, like other industry associations, was initially created to represent its members in collective negotiation processes. Gradually, we expanded our goals and became increasingly focused on promoting the image of bottled Portuguese Brand Olive Oils as a guarantee of quality and authenticity.


FEDICO is the federation of the olive oil industry and trade in France.
FEDICO is a group of companies trading in olive oil or directly or simultaneously interested in importing, exporting and processing and whose main activity is the trade in olive oil.


SEVITEL is a non-profit making Organization representing the whole private sector of the olive oil industries, packers and exporters of olive oil in Greece. In order to assist its members in the production and marketing of a quality product, it is directly involved in activities aiming to the amelioration of the whole olive sector in Greece.

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