Our history

Founded May 13, 1969, it is based in Rome at Piazza di Campitelli, 3 00186 Rome.
Members of the Federation are 5 States, in alphabetical order: France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal.
Fedolive participates in the meetings of the European Commission's DG Agri through FoodDrinkEurope and, through their respective members, at meetings of the International Olive Council (IOC).


Fedolive has four objet:

a) to create, maintain and develop among its members a spirit and bonds of solidarity, and to defend the activity of its members;
(b) to discuss in common all the problems facing the olive oil industry in the countries of the European Union;
(c) to represent the olive oil industries of the countries of the EU. organs of the U. and any other international institutions as appropriate;

(d) to identify and agree upon a common policy consistent with the interests of the entire olive oil industry in the countries of the United States. by hearing, by olive oil industry, the refining, packaging and marketing of fedolive and all olive oils;
(e) to intervene with its organs and, in particular, to ensure liaison between them, with a view to the realization of its object;
(f) to study generally, scientifically, technically and industrially, any problem involving the olive oil industry as such.

Organization chart

The achievement of Fedolive's objectives is ensured by:

- a Plenary Assembly
- an Executive Committee
- a President
- five Vice-Presidents.

Organization chart

Antonio Gallego García



Rafael Pico Lapuente

Secretary General

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